New “walking dead” inspired lanyards just completed! Very limited stock. Check our etsy for details on this piece. Www.etsy.com/shop/littleshopoflostarts

Restocking today! Check out etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/littleshopoflostarts apparently we can’t get enough of this man

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Wha….? Because, someone needs to throw this “jingle balls weenie beenie” in their company secret Santa gift exchange.

Finally finished these up for our next event. What I’m really lovin about this design is the waistband has an extreme but comfortable stretch. I didn’t intend for it to be that stretchy- but turns out it came out even better. And so I went on to pump a total of 5!

Working on some r2d2 today! Satin stretch waist band starts this tutu skirt off.

Star Wars… For girls! r2d2 next!

Because little girls like Star Wars just as much as little boys. But when we do it- we do it with bling!

Very one of a kind pieces of hand crafted art to hang from your tree during Christmas, or somewhere noticeable to admire all year round. There is nothing you can toss on a conveyer belt that makes quite the statement.

Something for the elegantly creepy- one of a kind individually hand sculpted tentacles. Measures about 2” long per- the roses are sculpted by toothpicks and bottles in above shown. A few remaining in our shop. I just adore the mysterious elegance of this sea creature.

Infant and toddler tutus and tutu dress sets in!